The Robo Fish Guide

Robo Fish Orange ClownfishIntroducing Robo Fish

You’ve probably already seen the fun videos all over YouTube of this clever robotic fish toy (and if you haven’t, you can check them out here) so it’s not surprising that the Robo Fish by Zuru has become one of this year’s hottest toys.

Children everywhere love watching Robo Fish race around inside a fish bowl, sink or bath tub. In fact, Robo Fish’s tail fin movements are so remarkably realistic, that you could be forgiven for thinking that this toy fish is the real thing.

We love the Robo FIsh and we think it is the perfect gift for young children (and can be a lot of fun for adults too). So lets have a look at what makes Robo Fish so much fun.

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What is Robo Fish?

Robo Fish is a 3-inch battery powered toy fish that can swim and dive in water, just like a real fish. The toy, which is constructed of plastic, feels very well built and robust and has a detachable tail fin made of soft silicone. Robo Fish’s motorized tail helps propel the toy fish in the water, producing a very realistic swimming motion.

Special Features:

  • Robo Fish ColorsSpecial water activated swim sensors
  • Can swim in five different directions: forwards, up, down, left and right
  • Lifelike tail fin motion
  • Comes with two sets of batteries

There are two types of Robo Fish available, clownfish and shark, and both versions come in a four different colors. The toy fish is about 3 inches long and has a special water sensor that switches the toy on when you place it into the water. To switch off the fish, just take it out of the water and dry it with a clean cloth.

Robo Fish has a patented electromagnetic core, which allows it to swim in five directions: forwards, up, down, left and right. They also have a special sensor, which prevents them from colliding into the side of a fish bowl.

Robo Fish can be placed in normal tap water, bath water, salt water and even water treated with chlorine (for those trips to the swimming pool), however the manufacturer does not recommend placing the toy inside a tank with real fish.

We found the best results when placing the Robo Fish in a larger bowl to give it enough room to do its stuff. The larger the area that the toy fish has to swim in, the better. Try it in a bath tub to really see Robo Fish Go!


What Batteries does Robo Fish use?

Robo Fish uses two 1.5V A76 or LR44 size alkaline batteries. We were pleasantly surprised to find that not only does each Robo Fish toy come with a set of batteries already installed inside, but an additional replacement set is also included as well. We thought this was a nice touch and added to the overall value of the toy.

The battery life tends to last for around 1.5 and 2 hours, which is the only downside we found, so it’s best to take the toy out of the bowl when it is not being used, so as to get the most use out of the batteries. Replacing the batteries is very easy. Simply unscrew the battery door with a cross-head screwdriver and replace with a new set of batteries.

Looking after your Robo Fish

Robo Fish’s tail is made of soft silicone and can be easily unfastened from the main fish body. This is an intentional part of the design in order to prevent damage to the toy, as pulling or tugging on the tail can cause internal damage to Robo Fish. One thing to note, if your Robo Fish stops swimming, check to see whether the tail has become loose and simply pop the tail back in to get it going again.

A small weight can be found in the battery door compartment, which can be used to help with Robo Fish’s performance. If the toy fish is floating on the top of the water, adding the weight can help the toy submerge deeper into the bowl. If it tends to sink down to the bottom, removing the weight will help bring it back up again.

You’ll want to pick up more than one Robo Fish, as it’s much more fun to watch them interacting together inside a bowl and there are plenty of colors to choose from. A Robo Fish Play Set is available, which also includes a bowl, however you also have the option of a Robo Fish With Net And Coral and a Robo Fish Castle.

The Robo Fish by Zuru really is a lot of fun and makes an ideal gift for children (or yourself) and comes recommended for all children aged 3 upwards. Robo Fish is ideal for young children that want their first pet and is a lot easier to look after than a real fish. You don’t even have to feed them.

Grab your Robo Fish today!


Warning to Parents:

Due to the popularity of Robo Fish, there are some cheaply made, fake versions of this popular toy available on the market. When buying a Robo Fish, make sure to order the official products by Zuru to avoid disappointment. Be sure to use our website, which links to the official product on Amazon.

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